FH01 Pre-Order (single)
FH01 Pre-Order (single)
FH01 Pre-Order (single)
FH01 Pre-Order (single)
FH01 Pre-Order (single)
FH01 Pre-Order (single)
FH01 Pre-Order (single)

FH01 Pre-Order (single)

Force Hooks Isometric Testing Device On Sale

FH 01 Pre-order (single)   $1499 
Premium Hardshell Travel Case  $99  $49
Extra Spacers  $19  Free
Essentials Attachment Kit  $49  Free
Total (AUD)    $1548
You save:   $118  


Save time, reduce risk, and maximise performance by implementing scientific strength testing today.

By pre-ordering you are helping to support us as we build the next generation of scientific strength testing devices. All pre-order customers will be treated as lifetime VIPs and have early access to updates, discounts and priority access to future products.

This package includes:

  •  -1x FH01 Unit
  •  -28.5mm Barbell attachment
  •  -A premium hardshell travel case with foam inserts
  •  -Both 5/8 and 1-inch spacers
  •  -Essentials attachment kit (1x Handheld Dynamometry Pad, 1x High Strength Eye Bolt, 1x 12KN Lightweight Carabiner)


The barbell attachment in this kit will fit standard 28.5mm barbells only. Contact us for custom size barbell attachments.

This kit is suitable for 'pin-style' power racks only (Sorinex, Rogue, etc). This will not fit the 'slot style' power racks like Hammer Strength, Power Lift, or Keiser. If you have one of these brands or are unsure about compatibility, please contact us for more information before ordering.

This kit will only fit racks with 5/8th or 1-inch attachments. We can do custom sizes but please contact us for more information before ordering.

Orders are estimated to start shipping at the end of April.
Please note: Any import duties or taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

Feedback to fuel performance.

  • Monitor strength and power adaptations
  • Identify weak links in the kinetic chain
  • Long term athletic development
  • Talent identification

Data to make the right decision.

  • Track strength progress for any injury
  • Identify asymmetries and imbalances

Develop sport specific testing protocols.

  • Unique insights into sport performance
  • Stay ahead of the game
  • Raw data analysis

Blazing Fast

Sample up to 1200hz and capture every detail

All day battery life

6000mAh combined capacity so you can spend more time testing and less time charging


An attachment for every rack and every test

Wireless Freedom

Wireless communication between devices.
IOS and Android mobile apps coming soon.

Easy to get started.

Perform industry standard testing to track performance and reduce injury

  • Nordic Curl
  • Isometric mid thigh pull
  • Groin Squeeze
  • Athletic Shoulder Test
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Advanced insights when you need them.

Innovate new solutions and test with incredible detail

  • Sport specific positions
  • Handheld and fixed dynamometry
  • Raw data export
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